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Goanna Golf in WA supports What Ability Foundation to provide community experiences for people with a disability

16 May 2022
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Partnering with an organisation which encompasses a true sense of family and community enhances the pillar of inclusion at Point Walter Golf Course, the home of Western Australia’s Goanna Golf. What Ability Foundation is a phenomenal not for profit unlocking community experiences for people with a disability or diminished capacity and their families. 

Many of us take for granted the ease by which we participate in activities and outings without the worry of additional costs or accessibility; but for some in our community, life is paved with obstacles where the simplest of family-based activities are out of reach. That’s where What Ability Foundation steps in! From sports to a day at the beach or the simplicity of sharing a family meal, What Ability Foundation partners with community focused businesses like Point Walter Golf Course and Goanna Golf to bring an inclusive experience to our most vulnerable.

Grayson-at-Goanna-Golf-PW-5.jpg Grayson-at-Goanna-Golf-PW.jpg

Two-year-old Grayson and his four siblings Oshie (10), Poppy-Mae (7), Indi-Rose (5) and baby Boston (5 months) enjoyed a round of mini golf at Goanna Golf over the Easter long weekend. Grayson is legally blind with global developmental delay, hypotonia, periventricular leukomalacia (brain damage) dystonia and was recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Venue Manager, Doug Bailey, says “It is always a delight to host Grayson, his siblings and parents. Access and inclusion is a huge focus for us at Belgravia Leisure and we are delighted to see our community enjoying the course and the beautiful surrounds of Point Walter.” 

The family of seven said were thrilled to visit Goanna Golf and being such a large family, outings are usually particularly pricey. With wheel chair accessibility, Goanna Golf’s design enabled young Grayson and his family to enjoy a great day out on the greens.

“Inclusivity and accessibility for all at Point Walter Golf Course and Goanna Golf is important to our team. Being able to provide an experience for the most vulnerable in our communities and their families enables each of us to return home at the end of a busy day, knowing we have made a difference to very special families and individuals,” said Marketing Coordinator, Gavin Williams.

“Working alongside What Ability Foundation encompasses the true essence of who we are at Point Walter Golf Course. These are exceptional experiences for the entire team as we are able to mirror the mission and ethos of What Ability Foundation with our very own”.

Grayson-at-Goanna-Golf-PW-2.jpg Grayson-at-Goanna-Golf-PW-4.jpg

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